March Dinner Meeting Wednesday, March 11

Progressive Dinner at Port Edward Restaurant

March ProgressiveOnce each quarter, we like to spend an entire meeting getting to know each other better. We learn about each other’s businesses, how we work, what we specialize in, and what else is important in our lives.

In March, we’re having our all-networking event at Port Edward Restaurant on the Fox River in Algonquin. When you arrive, you’ll be assigned a table for each of the three meal courses—salad, entrée, and dessert. Through each course, you’ll answer questions that will help the women at your table learn about you, and you’ll learn about them. Different questions and different tables for each course make for an evening rich in connecting, learning, and, of course, some good eating!

We guarantee you will meet and get to know some of the most incredible business women in the area.
Come curious, come open, and come hungry.
And be sure to bring lots of business cards!

5:30 – 7:30

Port Edward Restaurant

Corner of Algonquin Rd (Rt 62) and Harrison St (one block east of Rt 31)

From the corner of Rt 62 and Rt 31, travel east on Rt 62 one short block to Harrison St.
Port Edward is on the northeast corner.



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