WLN By-Laws

1. The Women’s Leadership Network bylaws and budget will be approved yearly by the board by the September monthly meeting. Any changes to the bylaws necessary for the benefit of the WLN members may be made by majority vote of the Executive Board of Directors. They will be posted on the website for members to view. .

2. The Executive Board of Directors may approve all bills and approved budget items without the approval of the membership. Requests for expense reimbursement must be made within sixty (60) days from the date of the expense.

3. An audit will be done annually by the Audit Committee by July 31st.

4. All Women’s Leadership Network Executive Board of Directors must be primary status.

5. The Board of Directors will be elected and installed by the August meeting. The Woman of the Year will be voted on and presented during the August meeting along with the newly elected Board of Directors.

6. Women’s Leadership Network has the following officers:


President Elect

VP of Finance

VP of Programs

VP of Events

VP of Administration

VP of Marketing

VP of Membership

VP of Public Relations

VP of Website

Past President

7. Guests may attend up to but not to exceed 2 meetings and/or events to ‘test out’ the Women’s Leadership Network prior to joining the WLN within a 12 month period.

8. The Women’s Leadership Network Executive Board of Directors may consider any other rules governing the network.

9. WLN ambassadors must always represent the Women’s Leadership Network board and members with the utmost professionalism and respect. Their status as a WLN ambassador can be withdrawn at any time by majority vote of the executive board. All Ambassadors must be in primary status.

10. Annual dues for an individual member are $60. Corporate memberships are available for $100 which allows any woman from the business to attend as a member.

Approved 10/11/05
Approved 4/17/06
Approved 7/16/07
Approved 10/20/08
Approved 08/20/12