Fed Up Student Refuses To Remove Her Cap Unless Muslim Women Remove Their Headscarves

A STUDENT asked not to wear her cap in Bromley College says she won’t agree unless Muslim women remove their headdresses as well.

Caroline Powell, of Sevenoaks Way, Orpington, is attending Greenwich University, which uses facilities in Bromley College, Rookery Lane.
While inside the Bromley College buildings, the 39-year-old has been told repeatedly to remove her cap, but believes that, while Muslim women are allowed to wear headdresses, this represents “double standards”. The 39-year-old told News Shopper: “It started in September last year when I got stopped at the door by a woman and she said ‘you need to take your cap off’. “It is a small black leather cap but it’s part of my identity. She said ‘you need to take it off, they are the rules’. “A Muslim woman walked in behind me and I asked if she was going to ask her to take off her headdress. ..”

Hezbollah Threatens The USA: It’s Time For Iran’s Allies To Start Planning To Avenge Soleimani

Lebanon’s Hezbollah said on Sunday it was time for Iran’s allies to begin working to retaliate for the killing of Major General Qassem Soleimani though it would be a “long path” to the goal of ejecting U.S. forces from the region.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah also denied the Iranian general had been planning to blow up U.S. embassies. U.S. President Donald Trump said he had been killed after he landed in Baghdad in part because “they were looking to blow up our embassy.”

Hezbollah, a heavily armed group designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, was established in 1982 by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and is an important part of a regional Tehran-led alliance known as “the axis of resistance.”

Iran responded for Soleimani’s killing by launching missiles at two military bases in Iraq that house U.S. forces on Wednesday. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called it a “slap on the face” of the United States and said U.S. troops should leave the region.

Though the region remains tense, both sides have backed off from intensifying the conflict since the Iranian attack.

Nasrallah said last week that Iran’s allies, which include the Syrian government and numerous paramilitary groups set up with Iranian support in Iraq and Syria, should help exact revenge for Soleimani’s killing.

I believe it is time for the axis of resistance to start working,” he said in his speech on Sunday.

“The resistance forces are serious and aiming for the big goal that I proposed,” Nasrallah said, referring to the objective of seeing U.S. forces leave the region.

Retaliation would happen in the “coming days, weeks and months,” he said, adding “this is a long path.”

Explaining the decision to kill Soleimani, Trump said on Thursday “they were looking to blow up our embassy.”

He also said the United States carried out the strike because of a rocket attack on a U.S. military base in Iraq by an Iran-backed militia in December that killed a U.S. contractor, which U.S. officials believe Soleimani had a role in orchestrating.

Nasrallah said: “Trump is lying to his people … Haj Qassem Soleimani was not planning to blow up American embassies.”

The United States holds Hezbollah responsible for the suicide bombing that destroyed the U.S. Marine headquarters in Beirut in October 1983, killing 241 servicemen, and a suicide bombing the same year on the U.S. embassy.

Schiff Says The Threat Posed By Soleimani “Does Not Constitute ‘Imminent’”, Cruz Levels Him: “If You Didn’t Hate Trump”, It’d Be Easier To See

On Sunday morning, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded to House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), who recently insinuated that the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was not justified after being briefed on the situation.

Following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s interview on Thursday, Schiff casted doubt that there was an “imminent” threat posed by Soleimani.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Schiff quoted Pompeo, who said “we don’t know precisely when and we don’t know precisely where” a series of imminent attacks were being plotted by Soleimani.

“I’ve been a member of the Intel Committee for over a decade,” Schiff tweeted. “Been briefed hundreds of times on threats — some imminent, some not.”

“When targeting a top gov’t official for killing: We don’t know precisely when and we don’t know precisely where,” does not constitute ‘imminent,’” Schiff declared.

Senator Ted Cruz leveled Schiff after seeing his tweet and suggested that if the congressmam didn’t hate President Trump so much, he may be able to see just how big of a threat Soleimani was to American lives. 

“I was in the classified briefing too,” Cruz replied. “Credible intel that Soleimani was actively planning multiple deadly attacks against US serviceman & civilians in the Middle East in a matter of days…that’s pretty damn imminent.”

Schumer Lets Pelosi’s Reason For Stalling Slip Out – Chuck Thinks He Found New Impeachment Evidence, Calls For Witnesses

When Nancy Pelosi failed to send her partisan articles to the Senate, Washington scratched its head in confusion.

Why did she make such a big deal over impeachment, to stop at this crucial point? Does she want to hold this over President Trump’s head forever? Eventually, the Senate will convene and vote to throw out this charade.

Nancy knows her party is going to lose. She can’t pressure Mitch McConnell to do as she says. So what’s going on?

Seems like her counterpart in the Senate, Chuck Schumer is trying to bail her out.He just tried to pull a stunt to manipulate this process all over again.

From Fox News:

Sen. Chuck Schumer on Monday took up his push to have the Senate issue subpoenas that demand testimony from top Trump administration officials during the Senate impeachment trial after a new report claims to detail what occurred inside the administration during the decision to freeze aid to Ukraine. To the surprise of no one, Chuck Schumer is demanding witnesses in order to dig up more dirt on the president.

The House did a poor, rushed job of impeachment. None of their schemes were enough to convince Americans that Trump broke the law. Now, after their rushed, partisan vote, they are stuck. The Senate has every right to dismiss this case. So, Chucky thinks he can coerce the Senate into opening up a brand new investigation, to cover his party’s butt.

This is what happens when Democrats get a shred of power. They abuse it to remove the duly elected President of the United States. Not once have these Democrats tried to work with Trump. The moment they got the House, they pushed impeachment.

Tell your W.V. state legislators: Oppose an Article V Constitutional Convention

Your legislators in Charleston need to hear from you. Contact them today, and tell them to oppose SCR 4 and HCR 61, which would call for a dangerous constitutional convention.
West Virginia lawmakers are currently considering legislation — part of a national campaign to call a Constitutional Convention – that could put all of our constitutional rights and civil liberties at risk. The core founding document of our democracy could be amended, changed, or even totally rewritten, with no rules or safeguards to stop this process.
Make no mistake, all our rights as Americans would be on the line. The freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, gun ownership rights, and voting rights would be open to elimination or changes. This could change the character of our democracy for the worse.
There would be no rules governing this convention, leaving us unprotected from special interests and politicians. In this deeply divided time, we need to guard our civil rights.
Send a message to your state legislators today. Please click “Start Writing” to tell them to reject any call for an Article V convention.

(Note: You can view an explainer video here for more information about this issue.)


Columbus, Ohio | An 83-year old woman was arrested this morning and accused of training dozens of cats to steal jewelry and other valuables from her neighbors.

The Columbus Police Department opened an investigation on Ruth Gregson and her 65 cats in October after several neighbors reported small objects being stolen from their homes.

Several victims reported being visited by Ms. Gregson’s cats before noticing the disappearance of several shiny objects, like valuable cutlery and pieces of jewelry.

Despite their skepticism, investigators began a surveillance operation and were amazed by what they discovered.

According to Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs,  dozens of cats were constantly coming and going, bringing home “anything that shined”.

“She was like Fagin in Oliver Twist, but she was using cats as thieves instead of children. In less than three hours of surveillance, the detectives saw the cats bring home more than a hundred objects.”

Upon searching Ms. Gregson’s house, investigators found $650,000 worth of jewelry and precious metal among piles of worthless shiny baubles.

A total of 65 adult cats and 17 kittens were found on the site and entrusted to the Columbus Humane Society.

Chief Jacobs says the elderly woman confessed to training her cats to steal, saying the felines had to “earn their meals”.

“She would only feed the animals if they brought home valuables, so the animals had to steal every day in order to survive. Most were voluntarily malnurished so they would easily gain the neighbors’ pity and be allowed inside their houses.”  

According to the Columbus Police, Ms. Gregson’s animals could have stolen from more than 5,000 houses and apartment in the area, and investigators invite possible victims to contact them.

While Ms. Gregson is the first person in American history to be accused of training cats to steal, this isn’t the first time that animals are trained to commit crimes.

In 2009, a surveillance that caught a monkey stealing hundreds of dollars worth of plants from a Texas nursery.

At the time, the police and store owners had hypothesized that the monkey had been trained to take the plants and hand them over a fence to a waiting human accomplice.

In 2013, a Chicago court sentenced a man to five years in prison for training ferrets to steal cell phones from people on the street and on public buses.


Cincinnati, Ohio | A 31-year old woman was admitted to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center yesterday after the 14-month old toddler she was babysitting got stuck in her vaginal cavity.

Latifah Brown called 911 around 9:30 PM last night, reporting that she had a baby stuck in her vagina.

The operator first assumed that she was giving birth at home and dispatched an ambulance to the site.

The paramedics had quite a surprise when they arrived on the site and saw what was actually happening.

One of the paramedics, Brian Whitmore, related the incident in an interview with WBNS-10 TV.

“The little boy wore a diaper and pyjamas, but he had his legs and abdomen stuck in the woman’s vagina.”

The paramedics spent more than an hour on the site trying to release the child from his difficult position but were unable to get the toddler out.

“I don’t know how she got the child in there! We were both pulling as strong as we could and he wouldn’t come out.”

Ms. Brown and the child were finally transported to the hospital, where doctors were able to separate them after a delicate operation.

The young boy suffers from a dislocated hip, but doctors don’t think he will suffer any sequelae from the incident.


FBI agents made an astonishing discovery this morning while executing a search warrant at the residence of a Houston mortician: 3,178 embalmed human penises.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation suspected 54-year old Dave Murray, an employee of the Harris County Morgue, of being implicated in an organ trafficking network.

Investigating several reports of missing organs and body parts, dozens of agents raided his residence this morning, hoping to find evidence of his involvement in the crimes.

What they found on the site was a lot more disturbing than what they expected, as the FBI spokesman Andy Ramirez described the scene in an interview with WNTV-4.

“There were shelves everywhere, filled with hundreds of glass jars. Each of them contained a penis floating in formalin.” 

According to Agent Ramirez, the accused rapidly confessed everything as soon as he was arrested.

“He explained in great detail how he had been cutting off dead men’s genital organs and collecting them for more than ten years.” 

It took the FBI more than seven hours to gather all the organs and other pieces of evidence that were found on the site.


Beaumont, Texas | An employee of the Jefferson County morgue died this morning after being accidentally cremated by one of his coworkers.

According to the Beaumont Police Department, 48-year old Henri Paul Johnson decided to take a nap on a stretcher after working for sixteen hours straight.

While he was sleeping, another employee mistook him for the corpse of a 52-year-old car accident victim and carried him to the crematory.

Before anyone could notice the mistake, he had already been exposed to temperatures ranging between 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and reduced to ashes.

Jenna Davis, one of Henri Johnson’s coworkers, says she heard him scream for about 15 seconds after the crematory was activated.

“At first, we didn’t understand where the sound was coming from. When we realised what was happening, it was too late. We shut down the heating system, but he was already dead.”

Ms. Davis claims that the young coworker who caused the accident was a new employee and had forgotten to check for the toe tag to make sure he had the right body.

The police have opened an investigation to determine the exact circumstances surrounding Mr. Johnson’s death.

Investigators have not ruled out the possibility of filing criminal charges against the employee who caused his death.

The young man could possibly be accused of criminal negligence causing death.


A couple was transported to the hospital in a very awkward position last night after a man somehow got his head stuck in his wife’s vagina during a strange sexual game.

Tom and Janis Morrison, a young couple from the small town of Greensboro in Alabama, called 911 around 10:00 pm last night to ask for an ambulance.

Samantha Irving, the operator who took the call, says she thought it as a joke when he explained the situation.

“The woman told me that her husband had fallen and that his head was now stuck in her vaginal cavity. I really thought that it was a group of teenagers making a prank call.”

Despite Ms. Irving’s doubts, she sent an ambulance on the site and the paramedics rapidly realized that the situation was in fact very serious.

Bill Austin, one of the paramedics who transported the couple, claims they were lying naked on their bed and partially covered in blood.

“The woman kept screaming out in pain whenever the guy moved, but he had half of his face buried in there and he looked like he was going through Hell!” 

The couple was transported to the nearby Hale County Hospital, where doctors were able to separate the couple.

Ms. Morrison suffered from severe internal bleeding but is now stable, while her husband has suffered only a few scratches and bruises.

According to doctors, both could also suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome