Donald Trump and Jean Carroll case trial update

Donald Trump and Jean Carroll case trial update. A New York jury has ruled Donald Trump should pay $83.3m for defaming columnist E Jean Carroll in 2019. The penalty includes $18.3m in compensatory damages and $65m in punitive damages. The compensatory damages aim to compensate for Carroll’s harm.

The panel was also required to devise a punitive measure meant to deter Mr. Trump from voicing his opposition to her in the future.

The seven-man, two-woman jury took less than three hours to deliberate and render a decision on Friday afternoon.

Mr. Trump, who appears destined to be the Republican nominee for president in November, is charged with four felonies, for a total of ninety-one felonies.

Being the first president in US history to face criminal charges, he has either entered a not-guilty plea or refuted all of the allegations.

Case detail

 Former President Donald Trump was sued for by E. Jean Carroll. Author and former advice columnist E. Jean Carroll claimed in the mid-1990s that Trump had sexually assaulted her. Declaring that Carroll was “totally lying” to promote a memoir, Trump refuted the accusations. Carroll retaliated by suing Trump for defamation in November 2019, claiming that his denials damaged her reputation.

Trump’s legal team fought the lawsuit for several months, trying to have it dropped or postponed. Nevertheless, a state judge in New York decided in October 2020 that the lawsuit may move forward, dismissing Trump’s claims that it ought to wait until after he leaves office. Carroll’s legal team was able to move forward with the discovery process after this ruling, which normally entails obtaining evidence and interviewing witnesses to take depositions.

However, a number of issues, including as Trump’s presidential responsibilities, the COVID-19 outbreak, and both parties’ legal strategies, caused delays in the court case. At the time of my most recent post in January 2022, both parties were actively involved in court proceedings about the matter.

Social media trend Trump Is a Loser

After the decision of the New York jury, the trend on social media is that Trump is a loser

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