Uncle beat his nephew Old News

Uncle beat his nephew February 7, 2021, Romania. The incident involving Alexandru Cobzaru in Hunedoara is a deeply disturbing case of violence that has captured widespread attention and sparked public outrage. The incident took place around 3:35 PM in a playground, when 29-year-old Cobzaru, in a fit of rage, attacked his 13-year-old nephew. This violent reaction came after learning that the boy had been in an altercation with Cobzaru’s 8-year-old stepson.

The video footage shows Cobzaru aggressively approaching the teenager, who was on a swing, lifting him above his head and slamming him onto the ground. The impact was so severe that the boy was rendered unconscious. Following the attack, Cobzaru also turned his aggression towards his stepson, shoving and verbally abusing him. The injured nephew was rushed to the hospital in Deva, where he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and a fractured occipital bone. Fortunately, his condition stabilized, and surgery was deemed unnecessary

. The video of the attack quickly went viral, leading to a public outcry for justice. An online petition demanding life imprisonment for Cobzaru garnered tens of thousands of signatures. In response to the incident, local authorities took immediate action by initiating social investigations at the homes of both children involved. Protective measures were implemented for the stepson’s family, with whom Cobzaru resided in a domestic partnership.

This included their placement in a maternal center located in Hunedoara. The family of the nephew also received psychological counseling. Cobzaru was arrested and charged with committing acts of violence, disturbing public peace, and domestic violence. He was initially detained for 24 hours by the police and then presented before the Hunedoara Court, where Cobzaru received a 30-day arrest as a preventive measure. The court’s decision also included the stipulation that Cobzaru would bear the legal costs and pay an attorney’s fee.

Cobzaru was later reportedly sentenced to three years and two months in prison for his crimes. He was convicted of family violence against his stepson, and for causing bodily harm and disturbing public peace due to the attack on the nephew. He was also required to pay 30,000 lei (~ $6,500) in moral damages to the nephew’s family, along with material damages and legal costs.

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